Marketing Department


Through this programs, the department has the objective of producing:

  • professionals who are capable of market planning, organizing, directing and controlling activities of private, public, non-government and government organizations;
  • professionals who can competently manage marketing, finance operations, human resource, materials, information resources etc.;
  • professionals who are responsive and effective in working with and through others as well as capable of making and implementing decisions;
  • professionals capable of searching and developing opportunities as well as tackling problems;
  •  professionals who are able to face the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s highly complex and competitive environment.
  • The University College, in general, admits students based on the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education (MOE) for higher education institution entrance.
  • Students transferred from accredited degree programs of other higher education institutions are eligible for admission on the basis of accreditation and reaccreditation guidelines of the MOE.
  • Students from diploma and TVET background are eligible for admission when they fulfill HE entrance as well as rules and regulations set by MOE
  • The University may use entrance examination as a screening method when the number of applicants exceeds the available spaces.
  • The University gives priority for female and applicants with special needs.

Major Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Mkt 201Principle of Marketing3No prerequisite
Mkt 202International Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 212Administrative & Business Communication3Mgt 201
Mkt 311Business Law3No prerequisite
Mkt 301Product Planning and Development3Mkt 201
Mkt 302Pricing Policy and Strategy3Mkt 201
Mkt 461E-commerce/Digital Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 312Customer Behavior3Mkt 201
Mkt 321Materials Management3Mgt 201
Mkt 322Marketing Research Method3Mkt 201
Mkt 312Service Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 342Customer relationship Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 341Import and Export Policy Procedure3Mkt 202
Mkt 442Seminar in Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 401Promotion Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 441Distribution Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 411Sales Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 412Advertising3Mkt 201
Mkt 421Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management3No prerequisite
Mkt 422Agricultural Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 431Marketing Information System3Mkt 201
Mkt 432Industrial Marketing3Mkt 201
Mkt 402Retail Management3Mkt 402
Mkt 451Brand Management3Mkt 301
Mkt 452Strategic Marketing Management3Mkt 201
Mkt 462Research Project in Marketing3Mkt 322

Related Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Mgt 201Introduction to Management3No prerequisite
Mgt 211Mathematics for Management3No prerequisite
Mgt 212Statistics for management3Mgt 211
Mgt 331Risk Management and Insurance3 Mgt 212
Acct 201Principles of Accounting I3No prerequisite
Acct 202Principles of Accounting II3Acct201
Econ 201Microeconomics I2No prerequisite
Econ 202Microeconomics II2Econ 201

Common Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Eng 201Sophomore English3No prerequisite
Psy 201General Psychology2No prerequisite
Civ 202Civics and ethical education3No prerequisite
ICT 201Basic Computer Skills2+3labNo prerequisite
Total10+3 lab

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The objectives of the program are to:

  1. respond to the needs of the country for higher-level accountants, auditors and financial managers;
  2. spot and resolve practical organizational problems and enhancing the standards of the profession by actively involving instructors and students in applied research;
  3. support the efforts of organizations in designing and/or improving their accounting and internal control systems and in upgrading the skills and knowledge of their employees by conducting short-term training  and giving consultation services;
  4.  enable students to be equipped with the relevant analytical and critical thinking, oral and written communication skills which are relevant to their field of study;
  5. expose students with new developments in Information Technology relevant to prospective position they are expected to assume in the world of work in the area of accounting, auditing and finance;
  6.  help students become responsible citizens of the nation committed to all sorts of efforts meant for enhancing the economic welfare of the country, Ethiopia;
  7.  ensure the curriculum meets the requirements of stakeholders and maintains its international standards of the field, and contributes for the development of the profession;
  8. promote faculty’s competency through professional development schemes so as to help them compound their service to the community

The University, in general, admits students based on the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education (MoE) for the degree program. Students transferred from accredited programs of other higher institutions are eligible for admission on the basis of accreditation and reaccreditation guidelines of the MoE. Admission for degree programs on advanced standing basis is applicable based on rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education (MoE) as well as the Exemption Policy of the University that goes in line with the guideline of the MoE.


Major Courses:

Course codeCourse titleCredit HoursPrerequisite
Acct 201Principles of Accounting I3
Acct 202Principle of Accounting II3Acct 201
Acct 212Basic Computer skills3+lab
Acct 301Financial Accounting I4Acct 202
Acct 302Financial Accounting II4Acct 301
Acct 311Cost & Management Accounting I3Acct 202
Acct 312Cost & Management Accounting II3Acct 311
Acct 321Financial Management I3Acct 202
Acct 322Financial Management II3Acct 321
Acct 331Financial Markets and Institutions3Acct 302
Acct 332Operations Research4
Acct 341Risk Management &  Insurance3
Acct 342Business Research Methods3
Acct 401Advanced Accounting I3Acct 302
Acct 402Advanced Accounting II3Acct 401
Acct 411Auditing I3Acct 302
Acct 412Auditing II3Acct 411
Acct 421Public Finance & Taxation3Acct 302
Acct 422Project Analysis and Evaluation3Acct 321
Acct 431Seminar in Accounting3Acct 302
Acct 432Government and NFP Accounting4Acct 302
Acct 441Accounting Information System3Acct 302
Acct 442Computerized Accounting3+labAcct 201, Acct 212
Acct 451Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management3
Acct 452Research project3Acct 342
                                                     Total79+2 Lab

Related Courses

Course codeCourse titleCredit HoursPrerequisite
Mgt 201Introduction to Management3
Mgt 202Administrative & Business communication3
Mgt 211Business Law3
Mgt 212Mathematics for Management3Mgt 201
Mgt 221Statistics for Management3Mgt 212
Mgt  402Operations Management3
Mkt 201Principles of  Marketing3

Common Courses

Common Courses

Course codeCourse titleCr.hrs.Prerequisite
Eng 201Sophomore English3
Psy 201General Psychology2
Econ. 201Microeconomics I2
Econ. 202Microeconomics II2Econ. 201
Civ. 201Civics & Ethical Education3

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Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
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Olympia Business Faculty

Campus Name:

·         Olympia Campus (Faculty of Business and Informatics)

Year of Establishment:

·         1995 E.C.


·         Olympia Campus,

Kirkos Sub City

Woreda 09

Bole Olympia, Opposite to Dembel City Center

(200 Meters through Deluxe Furniture)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact Address:

Dean Office

+251 – 115 – 537676



+251 – 115 – 537674


+251 – 115 – 537677   or

+251 – 115 – 536745

Academic Programs

1.    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Accounting and Finance

2.    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Business Management

3.    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Marketing Management

4.    Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Computer Science

5.    Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Information Communication Technology (ICT)

6.    Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Office Administration and Technology Systems (OATS)

  •   Various short-term trainings including CISCO and Peachtree (Computerized Accounting).

Academic Departments

+251 – 115 – 513410   or

+251 – 115 – 521837